Monday, August 15, 2011

This College Thing

Why am I sitting here blogging when I have so much to do? Oh yeah, probably because procrastinating is a well developed skill of mine. Those of you reading, feel priviledged. Your reading pleasure ("pleasure" being used loosely) is more important than my mother's to-do list.

The countdown is officially on. I have three days left as a resident of Glasgow, Kentucky. I have been thinking a lot lately about how this whole "college thing" is going to go down. It's a new experience to my whole family; as I am a first generation college student. So all six of us (grandparents included) are trying to come to a consensus as to what it is I really need for school. It should be a seemingly easy task, but when questions like "So, do you think you need a 900 watt or a 1000 watt microwave?" surface, it becomes frustrating. Just get a microwave! I'm sure Housing and Residence Life doesn't have much of a preference.

All frustration aside, I have to say I am very thankful for the help and things I have received to get me started on this college journey. Mom has got me Western-ed out for my dorm: grey comforter, WKU colored rug, red desk lamp, and red and black bath towels. Go Tops! I am  looking forward to just moving it all in and being done with the stress and frustration of organizing, packing, buying, planning, scheduling, financial aid-ing, M.A.S.T.E.R Plan-ing, cleaning, leaving, and Pre-College-ing.

College is just overrated. Now before you label that statement as typical of a mellow-dramatic incoming freshman not able to deal with moving on (or something like that), know that I am not knocking the "college experience" from its sacred pedestal at all. Conversely, I am looking forward to the independence, mistakes, life lessons, and so on. College itself however has, as I previously posted, became a part of this industrialized "life plan" that too many Americans have been pushed to fulfill. It seems that every other god forsaken commercial that comes on T.V. is marketing a "go to college now" or a "fast and easy degree" pseudo-college. Call me crazy, but these are the "Dollar Menu" commercials of the university realm. Fast. Easy. Cheap. The same marketing platforms apply to both. On that note, drive through degrees are something you should be watching for in the next 10-15 years.

Really though. I thought a college degree was supposed to have a little more weight to it. Now to say you have your bachelor's seems rather common. According to the U.S. Census Bureau,it is close to 27.2% commonality. So let's play with some numbers. Round that up to 30%. No say there is close to 300 million people in America. A little simple math and you learn that roughly 90 million American have a college degree. For those of you who aren't math buffs; go to the mall, choose three people at random, and ask them if they have a college degree. Statistically speaking, at least one will say yes. It just seems a bit excessive.

Now I should clarify a little when I rant on about the amount of people with college degrees and how it's... "excessive" I suppose. I guess the real issue is how any worth while job requires a degree these days. Unless you want to be pushing carts at Wal-Mart or flipping burgers at Good Burger, you need a degree. Which seems utterly ridiculous, that is unless you really like burgers.

I know that was a useless rant but I just felt like I needed to get my feelings on college out in the open. On that note, there are quite a few things I am looking forward to in regards to college: parties, meeting new people, having some sort of independence, not living 15 minutes out of town, living in Bowling Green, being next door to a gym, M.A.S.T.E.R Plan, visiting Lexington to see my friends at UK, Western Athletics, seeing my best friend everyday, my roommate (awesome dude), having my own Xbox, having classes end at 12:30, going to my racquetball class, being able to come home when I want, seeing my brother's football games, maybe picking the guitar back up, working, and having 6 weeks off for winter break. There is more, believe me, but I will spare you for now. It will most likely be documented in the upcoming months anyways; that is, if you feel like following along.

I know I have said earlier that I am going through a strange mix of emotions, but I really am excited over all. I guess it's kind of like that excitement I get before the first snap of a football game. That excitement you get when you are watch a movie knowing the main character has to live, but you are fearful of them dying anyways. The excitement girls get when they watch the bachelor finale, or guys get when their team is coming back to win a rivalry game. I'm really excited, but I don't know how I feel. Until I can figure it out, I suppose I will leave you all with this. Adios

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