Monday, August 8, 2011

Well, first blog post. I have thought about a million different ways to go about this; most of them being bad obviously. Not that this will be any better. To be honest with the minuscule amount of you all reading, I don't have the slightest of clues why it is I am even composing this blog. I mean yeah, writing tends to be a stress reliever and all, but I am sure there are better boredom-curving activities than reading someone else's blog. Maybe I can make a little more interesting for you. I could possibly start some games? I could... do some poetry? No? Eh. Normal ranting and reflecting it is I suppose.

For those of you who have arrived here with the genuine intent of keeping up with what is going on in people's lives. Thank you. I am glad not everyone is caught up in chasing an egotistical, materialistic, closed-minded phantom that only exists to those of us who don't get the big picture. I guess before I get into characteristics of that proportion (that may be slightly offensive to some) I should give you a little light into who I am.

I am, currently, an incoming freshman to Western Kentucky University. I graduated top of my class from Barren County High School, which, as opportunistic as the school was, isn't as impressive as it sounds. I had my fair share in extra-curriculars. I played football all four years and threw for the track team during that time as well. I felt as if I was successful, not mediocre, but not anything special to talk about. I get questioned about why I chose not to play football in college all the time. I had multiple opportunities across the state and what not, but I felt as if my college years could be spent more efficiently than doing something I had already experienced for four years. So please, if you see me, don't ask why I chose not to play. It gets old. That being said, I get a lot of stereotypes. It's okay sometimes. I get a lot "football player" or "big guy" aka's a lot. I may seem like an asshole to some, and it's more than likely well labeled. At heart though, I really am your proverbial "gentle giant." As cliché/fruity as that sounds, it is well-fitted for me.

I really feel like I am a down to earth individual. I like to think really deeply about seemingly shallow things, and shed a little light onto the ignored things; often overshadowed by people's towering egos. As you might have picked up on, I misuse semicolons frequently. To me, philosophy is a study that I wish life would allow more of us to undertake. I feel like people, Americans especially, have become so industrialized; life is a giant assembly line for the lot of us. We grow up, go through the educational system, are pushed to get a college degree (which is a whole other rant), get a job that makes a lot of money, have a perfect family, and live happily ever after in a house with a white picket fence. Oh, and have as much sex as possible along the way (That is if you are from anywhere else but the Bible Belt; where I live. Adults reading from the Bible Belt, know that I was just kidding about that; I will repent later. God Bless). I just don't see why people chose exist like that. Oh well.

I feel like one of the biggest problems in the world is that people try to be too politically correct. Really. Whatever "happened to honesty is the best policy"? I say that I am an optimist. However lately I feel like I am a unique hybrid of that and a realist. You could say that I hope things are going to turn out better that I know they are. Rather depressing, isn't it? I really enjoy listening to music. All kinds. I am rather eclectic: not just in music, but in hobbies and talents as well. Yes, I know. How arrogant and conceded of me to say I have many talents. Wake up. You do too. It's not "politically correct" for you to brag on yourself right? Others should do it for you; it makes you look more humble. Bullshit. Expressing your strengths openly is a key that unlocks one of the many doors to success, as long as you can also express you weaknesses. Obvious. Yes. Just covering it for all of you still struggling to finish this. I'm sorry, I will be done soon.

Where was I... oh yes. Freshman at WKU. Really quick though, on a side note, I will have a lot of mid-post rants. It's a problem. Anyways. I don't really know what I want to do with my life. It's rather hard to decide what to do when you are good/okay are multiple things. I have debating on everything from a physical therapist, to an endocrinologist, to a journalist (yes you need writing skills for that, I know), to currently, a pharmacist. I don't know what it is that made me choose pharmacy. I'm proficient in math and science, and I really like person-to-person interaction, so that may play a role. Either way though, I am still stuck wondering if that is the road I want to begin walking down. That doubt is, for the most part, making myself reconsider. I am sure that I will find out what it is I want to do soon enough though. College will be the Sherlock to my Watson.

I am hoping that stands true in more ways than one. I, like 99% of college kids, feel as if these next 4-8 years (depending on graduate school) will bring such an outstandingly prominent definition to who I am as a person; and it scares the hell out of me. I guess this is where I go too deeply into seemingly shallow things. I mean yeah, it's college. But how will my stature change when I cross the finish line on this four year marathon. I guess only time will tell. Decisions made are decisions that we have to live with, no matter how crappy they may be. I hope I still have a couple of you left reading. I know that I just wrote a whole blog about me. It's my first one, get off my back okay? I actually kind of liked it. It's good to type to a crowd of semi-interested people, who really are probably skimming these lines during commercial breaks. Can't say I blame you. Until I catch your boredom again... aloha.

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